Remove Background From Image Using Photoshop

With our professional image background removal services, you can make any e-commerce product look more appealing.

Most digital firms or online retailers require eye-catching images for their products pages. These help to send the right messages to their target audiences. When it comes to having images edited professionally, most photographers don’t usually succeed.

This is why Background Changer Ltd is existing. We offer uncompromising photoshop background removal services at highly competitive prices. Let us handle all of your image background removal needs today. We will not only render quality services but also ensure such task is delivered within the agreed timeframe.

Image Background Removal Service
Image Background Remove Service

Who Needs Image Background Remove Service

There are different clients that this service will help. Most of them need to remove or place the background of photos used in their businesses. It could also be for other reasons. Below are some of the fields where this is important.

E-Commerce Business

Online retailers often need high-quality product images with a clean, white background to make their products stand out and attract customers.


Professional photographers may require background removal services to enhance their images and make them more visually appealing. Images can become dull due to unnecessary objects or bad backdrop. Background Changer here to make your photographs precise, nice and clean.

Fashion Industry

In order for viewers’ attention to be caught, images need to look stunningly impressive in the fashion industry. They use background removal services to create unique designs, advertisements, and marketing materials.

Professional Background Removal Service Worldwide

Ensure high-quality image background removal service to satisfy clients as well as offer the best image editing service with quick turnaround time at bottom price

Background Remove Service With Background Changer

Our strategies are very dynamic. They will be adjusted based on the needs of clients. We render handmade or manual photo background removal services using photoshop tools. As compared to those automatic photo cutout apps, this is a more effective process of removing photo background. They will be perfectly edited and sent back to you within the agreed timeframe. There are several reasons to choose us for background removal service:


Background Removal Services Applied:

  • Changing of background colors.
  • Removing of unnecessary or unwanted objects from background
  • Enhancing of color contrast as well as removal of dark spots
  • Removing or adding of watermark (if necessary)
  • Improving your image’ brightness
  • The processed image can be delivered in any format of your choice like .psd, .png, .jpg and others.
Remove Background of Product Photo
Image Background Remove
Specialized Background Removal Services For E-commerce

Amazon and eBay have photography requirements that sellers are expected to meet. Our high-skilled professionals understand these requirements. Simply put, they can edit your photos according to such requirements. All of your image editing needs can be addressed here without any compromise. Unwanted or unnecessary objects will be removed via Clipping Path. Our services play a crucial role in the success of e-commerce businesses by helping them showcase their products in the best possible light and ultimately drive sales.

When to use background removal

  • When you want to remove unwanted elements
  • When you want to remove a background that looks transparent
  • Creation of uniform background on images that are numerous like ecommerce store or product catalogue

Pricing of Our Background Removal services

Are you searching for the best company that is into rendering of photo background removal services? There is no need for such search again as we can help out. Even if your budget is limited, you don’t have to worry because our prices are highly competitive. Your image will not just be professionally retouched as such will be done at the most affordable prices.

You will discover that we offer killer deals with top-quality services that can hardly be rivalled by other firms. Our pricing differs according to categories. These will be further explained below.

Easy Background Removal

Easy Background Removal

This process involves images that contain features/characteristics of objects. They are straightforward and don’t have too much curve. These could be items like frames, spoons, mugs, books, phone, and more.
Start From 0.50 - 0.90$
Medium Background Removal

Medium Background Removal

This process is more complicated than the one explained above. The product image in this case, has various anchor points as well as manifold paths. Clipping paths (of medium level) will be required in this process.
Start From 1.00 - 3.50$
Complex Background Removal

Complex Background Removal

This is the most difficult and complicated background removal process as compared to those mentioned above. Hairy objects usually fall into this category. The same can said of toys with complex shapes.
Start From 5.00 - 7.00$
Background removal service
photo background removal

#1 Q. What does background removal mean?

Ans: Background removal refers to the process of isolating the main subject in an image or video by eliminating the background. This is often done to enhance the visual appeal of the subject or to make it easier to overlay the subject onto a different background. Background removal can be done manually using image editing software or automatically using algorithms that detect and remove the background based on color, contrast, or other visual cues.

#2 Q. Can I remove my image background in online?

Ans:Yes, there are several online tools and websites that allow you to remove the background from your images. These tools use algorithms and artificial intelligence to automatically detect and remove the background from your image. Some popular online background removal tools include:Clipping Magic, PhotoScissors, and RemoveBG. Although these online tools are great, it is important to point out one thing. This is the fact that you will not be able to remove photo background accurately.

#3 Q. How can I make a photo background blurred?

Ans: It is important that the right Aperture Priority Mode is selected for this process. When you are taking the photo using a DSLR, ensure the small F-number has been set. The object should be close to your camera for maximum effects. If such is a long distance shot, the “Zoom In” feature will prove helpful.

#4 Q. How can a picture background color be changed?

Ans: To change the background color of a picture, you can use image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. If you think its hard for you then background changer here for you to do this job for you

#5 Q. How can the background of a photo in paint be changed?

Ans: In Paint, you can use the “Eraser” tool to manually remove the background of a photo. Here’s how you can do it:

1)Open the photo in Paint. 2)Select the “Eraser” tool from the toolbar. 3)Adjust the size of the eraser tool as needed. 4)Carefully erase the background of the photo by clicking and dragging the eraser over the areas you want to remove. 5)Take your time and be precise to avoid erasing parts of the main subject. 6)Once you have erased the background, you can save the edited photo. if you want a more precise and efficient way to remove the background of a photo, you can use more advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop or online tools like These tools use algorithms to automatically remove the background of a photo.

#6 Q. How do I remove image background in Picsart?

Ans: This used to be a very complicated task for people to handle. However, it has become very easy through the help of recent updates. For a start, the background that is to be used should be opened. After that, select the picture to be changed and getting it marked using brush. Once this has been done, hit ‘OK” and fit such into the background you have opened earlier on.

#7 Q. Is it possible to make a picture background transparent using paint?

Ans: This is very possible. For a start, the picture that you want to extract should be opened using paint. The magic wand tool should be chosen. The selected object should be moved aside after which the background will then get deleted. The object should then be put again on the white background. Ensure that it has been saved in .PNG format. Opening the object again, you will see it has a transparent background.

#8 Q. How do I remove the white background from a logo?

Ans: In order to carry out this process successfully, it is recommended you make use of Adobe Photoshop. The first thing to do is having the object opened in Photoshop. After that, the option that enables you choose color range feature should be selected. There is an option above known as “Shadow”. Selection preview option is provided beneath. Gray-scale should be chosen from there. After that, the inverted option should be unmarked from the center. Once the range has been increased up to around 50, hit the Ok button.

#9 Q. Can the background of a picture on word be taken out?

Ans: This process is quite easy to do. However, the results will not be very accurate. First is to have the picture opened with Microsoft Word. Locate the option which says Format. On the top left, click on Remove Background. For changes to be saved, ensure to press keep changes.

#10 Q. How can a transparent background be created?

Ans: Making a transparent background can be done in various ways. The best tool for this process is Photoshop since the results are very accurate. Also, it can provide higher degree of flexibility as compared to other tools. The first step is opening the picture in Photoshop. Now, have any selection tool chosen which you are comfortable to make use of. After that, press CTRL+J. This will enable you take the background layer’s copy. Finally, have mask clicked on for the background to become transparent. This can be done at the lower part of the layer panel.

#11 Q. How can the background of an image be removed?

Ans: There are numerous ways that this can be done successfully. For instance, you can either make use of eraser tool or selection tool. When it comes to selection tool, there are different tools involved like Magic wand, Magnetic lasso tools, Quick selection tool, and Pen tool. Background eraser tools are perfect alternatives. The procedure is to have the object selected and then make selection. After that, use the delete option to remove such object.