Professional Ghost Mannequin Service Provider

Are you in the fashion business (apparels)? Of course, you must have signed up with some of those websites to showcase your clothes in their different colors as well as designs. You can be rest assured that such clothes will be portrayed in the most unique way. Background Changer has built a solid reputation when it comes to providing top photo editing services for clients like you. Our primary goal is to render uncompromised Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Service.

Online retailers and other digital brands are using Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Service to give their products stunning effects. These could be 3D, 2D or even hollow man effects. This can also be called invisible mannequin service. It is very important/crucial for products such as jackets, blazers, jeans, shirts and more. The primary goal is to help paint a picture in the mind of your potential customers about how such apparels will be like once they are wearing them. Lots of companies that are into the sales of apparels online adopt this method in order to convince customers about the quality and design of such clothes.

Ghost Mannequin Service Categories

This service is not easy to execute perfectly. In order to create the desired effect for your image, high level of skill and patience will be required. It is not the same as the regular Photoshop. For instance, if you want to Photoshop a picture of someone wearing a dress, such may not look perfect. Customers may not find it very appealing. For best results, Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Service is the recommended option to explore for such purpose. It makes the final result look very natural. The reason for this is that attention will be given to every detail. Nothing is compromised in the real sense. Below are the different ghost mannequin categories.

Ghost Mannequin Effect Photoshop

3D/360° Ghost Mannequin Effects

3D/360° Ghost Mannequin Effects make it possible for your product images to have 3D effects. These could be watches, jewelry, products and more. As your customers are viewing such items, they will understand its features and designs much better. It doesn’t really matter whether you have dynamic or still image. This is because we have some of the best Photoshop experts to help out. They are vastly experienced when it comes to rendering top ghost mannequin services. Our prices are competitive and you will be 100% satisfied with the final output.
Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin Service

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin effects basically entail having the mannequin removed from your product. When the mannequin has been removed from a clothing item like suit, jacket, sweater, or shirt, you will notice the empty space on its neck area. Photoshop Neck Joint Service is meant to fix this without any flaw. Our Photoshop experts will handle it. They will expertly make use of clipping path to put an image (from a similar product) on the neck area.
Cloth bottom Joint Service

Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin

There are apparels which have back sections that are longer as compared to their front sections. There are clothing with elongated back like the tail of an animal. This category of ghost mannequin will be perfect for apparels like these. Once the mannequin has been removed as explained above in neck joint, the bottom is going to be cut out. Another image will be attached to the bottom through clipping path technique.
sleeves joint on ghost mannequin photoshop

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Clothes that are characterized by long sleeves will be perfect for this technique of image editing. These are clothing items like sweaters, suits, jackets and others. For a perfect hollow look to be created, there is need to edit the image after the dummy sleeves have been removed. With Background Changer, you can be rest assured of getting nothing short of the best services. We are a firm that is constantly improving when it comes to creating stunning photos.

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What Is the Importance of Ghost Mannequin in Clothing Industry?

E-commerce websites that are into selling of apparels always display their products in order to catch the attention of potential customers. The primary goal is to make customers pull out their credit cards without any doubt about the quality and features of such clothing items. Therefore, it is important that these products are professionally displayed for customers to be inspired/motivated into purchasing. Your apparels vary in terms of shapes, sizes and colors. This is why images have to properly be optimized for your website. It makes them fit into your site. The major aim is to help boost your sales of apparel products through professional Photo Manipulation Service.

Most ecommerce websites make use of dummies to showcase their products. These help customers have an idea of how such clothing items will be like once they are being worn. Simply put, this creates a picture in their mind. Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Service is the best option especially in this instance. If you plan presenting any of those clothing products on a website, mannequin has to be used.

Some of the benefits of invisible mannequin include:

  • It can give your apparel 3D hollow look
  • The clothes can be displayed as dressed before your potential buyers
  • It can improve color as well as pixel
  • It can improve the brightness of your image
  • It ensures better texture adjustment
  • Your product photos can be exhibited without using dummies or models