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It doesn’t really matter whether you are searching for a company that can handle complicated image editing services as we have always proven to be the best.

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Background Changer: Offer High Quality & Professional Image Background Removal Service

Background changer is a professional photo editing company based in the US. Our production house located in Bangladesh. Some of the services we render are: Product photo editing service, Color correction, Photo manipulation, Image masking, Shadow making, Object removal, Background removal services, Clipping path service and many others


We are not only effective in rendering these services but also highly innovative. This has made us to be regarded as one of the best in this field. We are definitely the best Background Removal Service Provider.

Our Professional Photo Editing Services

Some of our services include jewelry retouching, color correction, e-commerce image editing, ghost mannequin, photo retouching, image masking, remove background Photoshop and clipping path services. There are lots of other services to ensure your photo editing needs are met without any compromise. Just contact us today and you will be provided with more information.

Image Background Remove

Background Remove

This service is to ensure positive changes are effected in your photo. It is the service through which the background of an image can be removed.
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Image Masking Service

Image Masking

This work requires lots of time and energy to get completed. However, we can carry out professional layer masking, translucent masking, channel and fur/hair masking.
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Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching

Through this process, an ordinary photo or image can be transformed into something very attractive. This is done via cleaning up blemishes, wrinkles, red spots, and dust. There will also be adjustment of levels.
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Image Manipulation Service

Image Manipulation

This requires high level of expertise to be completed successfully. It is a process of combining different image elements with the aim of creating an image that is unique. We provide you the highest quality neck joint/ghost mannequin services
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Drop Shadow Service

Photoshop Drop Shadow

This involves the process of making a graphical effect which could be an appearance or look that is fresh and natural. Through such an effect, a simple model can be easily transformed into something very extraordinary.
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Product Photo Editing Service

Product Image Editing

This is the process of improving images of products in order to boost sales. Our image editing service is second to none. This is because we always make sure the needs of clients are met.
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We are a different image editing company as compared to others. This is because we ensure that all of our photo editing services are created by manually. This ensures a perfect work that will look very presentable.

Product Photo Editing Service
Product Photo Editing Service For Amazon,Ebay and Web Shop
In case you own a store on Ebay, Amazon or any ecommerce store, the hiring of an image editing service is highly recommended. We can help make your product to look very appealing before its target audience thereby boosting sales by up to 500%. Some of what we can help you do are:
  • Removing product image background and adding solid white background
  • Adding crop shadow in such product image thereby making it look very attractive
  • Cropping and resizing of product image. Don’t worry as the guidelines for Amazon, Walmart, Google shopping, Aliexpress and Ebay will be followed.
Background Removal Service for Photographers
In order for an image to look much better, having its unwanted background removed may prove to be the only solution. It will appear more attractive due to the fact that neutral background seems to be a better option. It is the best option to explore when trying to have a product publicized.

Whenever the background seems to be causing distraction

  • Drawing attention to a particular object
  • To ensure a transparent background is achieved
  • Helping to create a background that is uniform especially when multiple images are involved
Photo Background Removal Service
Jewelry Photo Retouching Service
Professional Jewelry Retouching Service
A great jewelry photo usually shows how such piece has been designed. However, the best photos go an extra step by showing the sparkling nature of the jewelry.

If you want your jewelry to catch the attention of others, it is better to make use of photos which are capable of reflecting such clean lines. They are an indication that the jewelry has been professionally developed. Customers love sparkling jewelries.

This is one of the areas that Background Changer has proven to be specialized in. We will ensure such images can be used on various platforms to bring about the expected responses. These could be online printing, offline, exhibition and ecommerce websites.

  • Color correction is required in jewelry editing service.
  • It can make a photo appear stunning
  • Jewelry Photo Retouching can lead to increased sales.
What Clients Say About Us

We have been able to earn lots of positive reviews from our clients in the past. These couldn’t have been possible without rendering of top Image Background Removal Services. Our efforts have been acknowledging by media as well as other platforms.

Why Choose Background Changer?
  • All types of photo treatment service available.
  • Low cost and high quality guarantee
  • We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our work.
  • No upfront payments
  • We regularly offer a discount on bulk images and frequent orders.
  • Easy upload and download files by FTP, Dropbox and We-transfer
  • We have free trial services which will help you to judge our work quality before start working with us.
  • Weekly or monthly payment plans available for our corporate clients
  • Our experienced support team always available to assist you.